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We transform retail and brands into customer focused & brand driven ecosystems across all channels. We reinforce customer centricity and operational excellence, optimizing merchandise performance and driving customer experience across the various channels.

Driven by our passion for Brand Retail and achieving best-in-class results possible we always derive our strategies and actions from the overall business and brand strategy. The main areas of consulting are:

  • Operational Excellence: Consistent implementation of the corporate strategy to increase performance and to provide best service at greatest ease. The continuous and sustainable improvement of all activities, from planning to sales, development, purchasing, production and customer service. In this context, organizational structures, corporate culture and leadership are just as important as process excellence, performance management and a continuous cycle of improvement.

  • Product - Buying & Merchandising: Provide best in class & differentiated product assortment, install efficient development and product buying as well as merchandising and planning processes in order to provide the right inventory mix and availability at the right point of time. Continuous optimization of promotions and markdown effectiveness to drive efficiency.

  • Retail Omnichannel: Increasing conversion and therefore customer lifetime value through consumer centric cross-channel retail processes, also by providng omnichannel services. Excellence in retail operations by dedicated format & module clustering and optimized customer journey.

  • Customer: Increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value in order to support revenue and profit growth. This by a deep understanding pf consumer interests, ensuring consumer centric assortments, processes and services and thus creating a remarkable customer experience.


  • Omnichannel Marketing: Design and implementation of a seamless, omni-channel brand and communication strategy to provide consumers consistent messages and coherent unique experiences across all channels which increase their trust in the brand​.

Way of thinking
and acting

At every project a dedicated analysis respectively readyness check will be done in order to identify your specific point of departure. A clear target needs to be set in order to give the team a clear mission what needs to be achieved.

During the whole process we work closely with you to ensure that the know-how gets transferred to you and your organization. We offer tailored creative consulting services, from brief to delivery and measurement, with excellent project management from start to finish.

Working with
me & my team

All of our services such as strategic advice, consulting, interim management are tailored to the specific needs of each client. 


Best results often require a fusion of skills; skills which don’t always sit together. Therefore, it is not only me you are working with, it is me and my extensive professional network within the fashion and lifestyle retailing industry. 


  • Fashion, Textiles, Shoes & Accessoiries

  • Sports, Sportswear & Athleisure

  • Lifestyle & Luxury Goods

  • Home & Living

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